A few years ago, my mother-in-law made a comment about my then twelve-year-old daughter, “Marisa is so quiet; she is such a good girl.” This statement took me aback because it reinforced so many female stereotypes and behaviors. Women have made great strides towards equality but still operate in a different gear than our male counterparts. As the physically weaker sex, adaptation has equipped us with instincts focused on subtleties. We have to be smart, even cunning, to maneuver circumstances that our physical bodies cannot endure.


As a result of some very hard choices I have had to make, I have come face to face with my animal instincts. Fight or flight, kill or be killed, and survival of the fittest are now themes in my work. Layers of transparent glazes lend a sense of mystery to the colors in my paintings. This unknown color is the language of whispers and secrets, it is what helps us survive as we navigate the darkest places of our lives. My sculptures express my love for texture and craft. The physicality of feathers, fur, and beads breathe life into creatures that have no ethnicity or race; they are just women fighting for their place in a male centric world.