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As a child I would get lost at play, content in a world of make-believe characters. As an adult, I find myself surrendering to the ordinary, accepting the world the way it is, instead of the way I want it to be.

Creating art takes me back to that childhood state of narrative story telling where each player is carefully crafted, limited only by my imagination.


Human and animal imagery are used to narrate contemporary and ancient stories which explore social stereotypes and misconceptions. My work honors and criticizes time honored tales by questioning their origin, audience, and effect on women. I am exploring themes of nuanced duality, challenging clear cut lines between good, evil, love and hate.


Working with a variety of methods, forms come to life through oil painting and mixed-media sculpture. Intense focus on materials and imagery transports me to a meditative state where the imagined becomes real. Painted figures emerge, often abstracted by multiple layers of transparent oil pigment, signifying the complex nature of being human. Figurative sculptures employ fur, feathers, wire, metal, paper, and clay to create mythical creatures and environments that transcend time and place.

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